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Should You Plant Potatoes Eyes Up Or Down?

Marjorie Alexander

Should You Plant Potatoes Eyes Up Or Down?
Should You Plant Potatoes Eyes Up Or Down?

Should You Plant Potatoes Eyes Up Or Down?

When planting potatoes, it is best to plant them eyes up, not down. This will help the stems of the potato plant reach the surface sooner and develop leaves sooner. This will also make the potato plants ready to harvest earlier. However, the most important factor in determining the planting direction of potatoes is the type of soil. Some varieties of potatoes should be planted in either a shallow or deep hole, with the eyes up.

How to plant Potatoes:

To plant potatoes, dig a six-to-eight-inch trench into the ground. Place the potatoes about twelve to fifteen inches apart in this trench and cover the potatoes with four inches of soil. If the soil is too dry for the potatoes to grow, you can lay down additional soil cover for protection.

10 Things You Must Know Before Planting Potatoes In The Ground

Potatoes should be planted in rows. To plant potatoes, dig a trench six to eight inches deep. Place the seed potatoes with the eyes up. A good spacing between rows is three feet. You can also plant baby potatoes in smaller spaces. If you are planting potatoes eyes up, make sure to earth the area around the seed potatoes to prevent green potatoes.

Position eyes while Planting Potatoes:

Planting potatoes eyes up or down is a matter of personal preference. Most seed potatoes are planted in potato fields by machine. This machine will plant the potatoes at a specific depth. However, it cannot plant potatoes with their highest buds or sprouts up. The plant is more likely to sprout with their eyes up.

How to sore Potatoes:

Once the potatoes are harvested, they should be cured and stored in a cool place. The University of Maine recommends keeping seed potatoes at around 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Adding onions to the soil will also help the sprouting process. If a potato sprouts, it can be harvested with its skin on.

Conditons for Potatoes Growth:

In addition to soil, a potato plant is most successful when planted in a sunny location. It needs a well-drained, loose soil for optimum growth. It also needs full protection from the sun, because the tubers beneath the soil need full protection. Keep in mind that green potatoes do not have edible flesh.

Importance of planting time for potatoes:

Timing is also a very important factor when planting potatoes. The top inch of the soil around the seed potatoes must be dry and the soil temperature should be 45 degrees. Once this is accomplished, the potatoes will be ready for planting. They should have sprouts that are about half an inch long, or less.

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