When to Plant Marigold Seeds

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Plant Marigold Seeds

When to Plant Marigold Seeds

When to plant marigold seeds is dependent on the variety and the region you live in. You can usually plant marigolds from mid-March through mid-April. If you live in a warm climate, the seeds should germinate before the first frost. In colder regions, planting can be delayed until May. Marigolds grow best in open ground, but they can also be planted in seedling boxes.

Before planting marigold seeds

Before planting marigold seeds, prepare the soil in which they will grow. Use a spoon to press the seeds into the soil. Next, cover the soil with compost or soil mix. After planting, water the seeds thoroughly. Once the seeds sprout, you can thin them to ensure the best possible spacing. The French and Signet varieties need about eight to ten inches of space, while African marigolds need about ten to 12 inches between plants.

Marigolds are easy to grow and require moderate watering. Once they sprout, you can transplant them to flower beds. They need little maintenance. Regular watering is sufficient and weeding is not necessary. If you have leftover marigold seeds, simply plant them in different locations in your garden. Then, wait for the new flowers to bloom.

To prevent black leg disease from destroying your new marigold seedlings, you can pre-disinfect the planting container. This can be done by mixing a fungicide with water and pouring it into the container of earth. This helps the seedlings survive and grow. It also improves soil and eliminates pests that hibernate in the soil.

Marigolds are very attractive

Marigolds are very attractive to bees and other beneficial insects. They provide a great pollen source and are a good companion plant. Marigolds can also be grown as a cover crop, a border around a grow room, or as the main crop in a rotation.

Marigolds are easy to grow and come in many varieties. They range in size and flower color, and they are suitable for both landscapes and flower arrangements. Marigolds are great for cutting, as they can be used for many applications. The best time to plant marigolds is before the frosty season begins.

Marigolds prefer a neutral pH soil. A moist soil with plenty of drainage holes is ideal for growing marigolds. Seedlings should be moved into larger containers once they reach two inches. If you wish to plant them outdoors, you can either contact a Master Farmer or purchase packs of fifty seeds at any local retail store. Regardless of where you buy marigold seeds, remember to plant them as soon as possible to maximize their chance of success.

During this time, the seeds will sprout. Sow the seeds as closely as possible but do not bury them deeply. In 10-12 days, seedlings should appear. You should thin the plants after they emerge to maintain the desired spacing.

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