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How to Harvest Cilantro

Marjorie Alexander

How to harvest Cilantro ?
coriander plant leaves are called Cilantro

How to Harvest Cilantro

To harvest cilantro, begin by cutting the stems at the base of the plant. Then, cut off leaves a few inches from the soil. If you plan to harvest cilantro often, harvest it every week to avoid it from bolting. You may also want to harvest it every two weeks if the plant is growing vigorously.

How to begin Harvesting Cilantro

Harvesting cilantro can be done in small or large batches. If you harvest cilantro in small batches, only use one-third of the plant. If you harvest more than that, you may damage the plant. Also, harvesting cilantro in large batches during the cold season can be dangerous for the plant. To prevent this, use mulch around the plant.

Harvesting Cilantro Leaves

After cilantro plants have sprouted and grown about two inches tall in your garden, you can harvest the leaves. Ideally, you should harvest the leaves when they are six to eight inches long. The leaves should be picked after they begin to turn green and are at least three to four days old. Alternatively, you can harvest the entire plant and leave it to produce new leaves.

How to keep Cilantro Fresh

Once harvested, It is a task to keep it fresh. Cilantro keeps well in the refrigerator for a week and Remain Fresh. It will keep fresh for a few days if you store it in a plastic bag or a glass of water. It will last longer if you change the water every few days. Just be sure to throw out any leaves that are browning or turning rotten.

Fresh cilantro leaves of a mature plant
The freshness of Cilantro leaves

When you should Harvest Cilantro:

It is best to harvest cilantro during mid-July or whenever the weather is warm. The tender green parts of the plant can be harvested once or twice a week. If you do not harvest cilantro frequently, you can risk causing it to bolt, resulting in bitter harvests. You can plant cilantro indoors or outdoors. The key to growing cilantro successfully is to choose a location that receives six hours of direct sun per day. In this way, the plant will remain healthy and edible even when the weather turns cold.

How easy and beneficial to harvest Cilantro:

Harvesting cilantro from your plant is very easy. You will need one-third of the plant to harvest the leaves. You can use all of the leaves or use just a few stems depending on the recipe you are making. Just be sure to cut the stems sparingly. The outer leaves of the plant are the most flavorful and fresh.

When its Best to Harvest Cilantro:

If you’re growing cilantro in a container, it will take approximately four months to mature. Make sure the plant receives ample water and fertilizer. Once the plant is mature, the stems will grow taller and produce smaller leaves. It’s best to harvest cilantro when the plant is mature because the flowers will have finished blooming.

Cilantro Plants in Frosty Climates:

The taproot of cilantro plants allows it to tolerate light frost. However, it is best to plant cilantro seeds four to eight weeks before the first frost.

Cilantro Plants in Temperature Climates:

In temperate climates, you can direct-sow cilantro seeds year-round. You should also keep in mind that cilantro seeds need to be soaked for 24 to 48 hours before planting.

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