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How to Start Growing Potatoes

Marjorie Alexander

How to Start Growing Potatoes
How to Start Growing Potatoes

How to Start Growing Potatoes:

If you want to start growing potatoes this year, there are a few steps that you should follow. First, prepare your seed potatoes by keeping them at a temperature of 38 degrees F. Two weeks before planting, you can warm seed potatoes up to room temperature. This will help them start sprouting. Vegetables like Potatoes are easy to Grow. When seed potatoes have sprouts that are at least one inch in diameter, you can plant them in your garden.

Actions needed to keep potato plant healthy

When you plant potatoes, be sure to keep weeds at bay and water the soil regularly. Potatoes need phosphorus and nitrogen to develop tubers. A balanced fertilizer with a nutrient ratio of 5-10-10 is recommended. You can also use organic materials, such as fish emulsion or greensand. You can harvest potatoes six to eight weeks after planting. After the last frost, you can cover the plants with a tarp to protect them from frost.

How to plant the Potato ?

When planting your potatoes, you should prepare a trench that is at least six inches deep. A triangle hoe is ideal for this job. Plant the seed potatoes eight to 12 inches apart in the trench. Once the seed potatoes have grown enough, add a few inches of soil to the trench. This method ensures that the soil isn’t too rocky or hard, and it also yields a large harvest.

Conditions for Better Potato production

As a rule, potatoes grow best in a cool climate and soil that is not too arid. In addition, they thrive in soil that is well-drained. Potatoes also require regular and consistent watering, particularly during the developing stage when plants reach six to 12 inches in height. Watering potatoes irregularly or infrequently will reduce yields and produce knobby tubers. You can also improve the soil by adding compost or organic matter.

How to Start Growing Potatoes
Potatoes after getting cleaned out of soil.

Store your potatoes :

Once your potatoes have reached the maturity stage, you can harvest them. They should be ready to harvest after 90 days. Depending on the variety, they can be harvested as new potatoes or as mature tubers. Once you have harvested your potatoes, you can plant more. Then, you can store them for the winter.

Growing potatoes is fun and easy:

Growing potatoes can be very simple and can even be fun for kids! You just need the right site and soil. The plants are easily grown, and pests aren’t so bad. As long as you use quality soil and the right seeds, growing potatoes can be fun and easy. You can even plant seed potatoes from tubers that you have grown the previous year.

How to buy Potato Seeds ?

Potato seeds are available at home improvement stores, farm centers, and online. You should use disease-free seed potatoes to ensure a healthy crop. Do not buy potatoes from the grocery store as they are often treated with a sprout inhibitor.

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