How to Use Moss Poles to Grow Houseplants

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Moss Poles to Grow Houseplants

How to Use Moss Poles to Grow Houseplants

When growing houseplants, moss poles can be used as a support system to grow them. They are made of sphagnum moss and can absorb a lot of water. Simply soak the moss with a waterproof glove and attach it to a pole or pipe. The roots of the plant will then grow into the moss.

Moss poles require a layer of about 1/2″ to one inch of moss, though more will make the base tough to maintain. To keep the base sturdy, you can use chicken wire, but be careful, as chicken wire can stab you if you don’t wear gloves. To cut the wire, use wire cutters or a utility knife to cut the wire.

You can also use moss poles to grow climbing plants. If you are planting large plants, you should use moss poles for climbing plants. Attach the vine to the pole using plant tape or use aerial roots for extra support. Using a moss pole helps your plant grow faster.

Moss poles:

Moss poles can be made of bamboo, wood, or PVC pipe and wrapped with sphagnum moss. Moss poles are ideal for tropical aroids, epiphytes, and other vine climbers. You can even use them as trellises.

Moss poles are great support for plants and train them to grow in a habitual manner. They also provide the plant with moisture and extra nutrients. Many tropical plants like Monstera deliciosa that naturally wrap around their support structure. Moss poles are a great choice for these plants because they need little care.


A moss pole is also perfect for climbing houseplants. It allows the plant to follow its natural growth pattern and adds an attractive vertical addition. This is a great way to give houseplants the support they need to grow healthy and happy. But be sure to follow the instructions for each plant’s care instructions carefully.

Moss poles help to control the growth of houseplants by restricting their space and controlling their shape. They are especially useful for climbing or hanging plants. But keep in mind that moss poles can only support certain types of houseplants. For the most efficient results, try to select varieties that will hang or climb.

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