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What Plants Like Coffee Grounds and Eggshells

Marjorie Alexander

What Plants Like Coffee Grounds and Eggshells
Coffee ground and eggshells as Fertilizers

What Plants Like Coffee Grounds and Eggshells

Coffee grounds and eggshells are common household waste materials that you can compost. These materials are rich in nitrogen and calcium, two nutrients that are essential for plants. Moreover, they act as a pest repellent and help protect your plants from slugs and snails. However, you must always remember that eggshells can be contaminated with salmonella, so make sure to rinse them thoroughly and dry them on a sunny windowsill. Moreover, coffee grounds can be used as fertilizer, which helps your plants grow faster.

Amount of coffee grounds and eggshells required:

In general, coffee grounds and eggshells are used as soil amendments. However, you should avoid overusing them, as they may cause harm to your plants. Use about three-thirds of coffee grounds or eggshells per square foot of soil. You should also avoid using them every week because too much of them can be harmful to certain types of plants.

Material can be used as Fertilizers:

You can collect coffee grounds and eggshells from local coffee shops or save them for your garden. Also, check with your neighbors for leftover coffee grounds. Some of them may even save them for you for free. Besides coffee grounds, eggshells can also be collected from local breakfast diners. Both of these materials can help you grow beautiful plants.

Nutrients in coffee grounds and eggshells :

Coffee grounds and eggshells are rich in nitrogen, which is important for plant growth. Additionally, they are also rich in calcium, which helps your plants grow stronger. Eggshells can also add a touch of flavor to your plants. In addition, eggshells help your plants avoid blossom end rot, which is caused by a lack of calcium in the soil.

How to use coffee grounds and eggshells as Fertilizers:

Eggshells and coffee grounds are free sources of nitrogen, which is an essential element for plants. However, the acidity of coffee grounds can cause problems for your plants. They should be mixed with fertilizer if you want your plants to grow healthy. The acidity of coffee grounds and eggshells may not be the same for all plants. Therefore, you should experiment with different amounts and observe how plants react.

What Plants Like Coffee Grounds and Eggshells
Adding up Eggshells to increase soil fertility.

Can be used as liquid Fertilizers:

Eggshells and coffee grounds are rich sources of calcium and nutrients, and you can mix them in homemade potting soil to make your soil more fertile. It is also possible to make a simple liquid fertilizer with coffee grounds. However, you should use this method only on plants that prefer a lower PH.

Can be used as mulch material:

Coffee grounds are excellent mulch material. You can add them to your compost heap in equal parts with grass clippings and dry leaves. Make sure that you do not add too much since coffee grounds will form a pan that will hinder water penetration. Sprinkle them on top of the soil, or mix them with other mulches.

Can be used as mulch material
coffee grounds as a mulch Material

How to add Eggshells into the soil:

Eggshells are a great source of calcium and nitrogen. They also protect your plants from snails and slugs. You can even crush the shells and mix them with the soil before the growing season begins. Grinding the eggshells beforehand will make them mix better with the soil and allow your plants to absorb the nutrients faster.

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