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Use Bug Repellent Flowers to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Marjorie Alexander

Use Bug Repellent Flowers to Keep Mosquitoes Away
Use Bug Repellent Flowers to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Use Bug Repellent Flowers to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Bug repellent flowers can be planted around your home to protect your family from mosquito bites. These natural flowers contain the chemical pyrethrum, which is used in many insect repellents. You can also use them to add a tropical feel to your backyard. You can also plant citronella grass and lavender in your yard to keep pests away.

Floss flowers effective to Keep mosquitoes away:

Floss flowers are especially effective at keeping mosquitoes away, thanks to their coumarin content. This chemical is widely used in insect repellent sprays, but it’s also found in sweetgrass and floss flowers. Floss flowers grow well in flowerbeds and rock gardens. Some people even grow them as edging plants, which makes them an excellent choice for a bug-free garden.

Geraniums and Pennyroyal Fragrance that Repel Mosquitoes:

Other effective bug repellent flowers are geraniums and pennyroyal. These flowers give off a strong lemon scent that can be a deterrent to mosquitoes. Crushing these flowers and placing them in your pocket will also help repel mosquitoes. You can purchase these plants at most garden centers.

Rosemary essential oils Repel Mosquitoes:

Rosemary is another herb that can help you repel mosquitoes. Rosemary has essential oils that are very effective at repelling insects. It is very easy to grow and is great for landscaping or window boxes. It is also very aromatic and will help your skin and hair as well. Sage is another herb that has many benefits. It is used in many cultures for spiritual cleansing. Its leaves can be burned in certain rituals to deter mosquitoes.

Marigolds odor repel Insects:

Marigolds are also an excellent choice for insect repellent plants. The odor from these flowers is extremely offensive to mosquitoes and is said to repel several types of pests. They are also easy to grow from seeds, and they add beauty to any flowering garden. They are very low-maintenance and look beautiful in the summer.

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Eliminate standing water to avoid mosquito production:

Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so make sure to eliminate any source of standing water. Plants that repel mosquitoes include coriander, basil, and mint. In addition to these, you can use essential oils, which have been shown to repel mosquitoes. A great way to use these is in a spray bottle or in the form of an essential oil.

Basil make houseflies and mosquitoes flee:

Basil has a strong fragrance that repels bugs. You can plant basil near your kitchen and back door, and it can also be planted in planters around your house. Basil has a natural smell that will make houseflies and mosquitoes flee. Basil can also be planted near windows and doors, since its scent will waft throughout your home.

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