The Best Way to Store Cilantro

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The Best Way to Store Cilantro

The Best Way to Store Cilantro

To keep cilantro fresh and flavorful, it is best to store it in a cool place like a refrigerator. It can keep up to two weeks in the fridge if it is stored correctly. It can also be stored in a jar. The jar should be covered with a reusable grocery bag.

When storing cilantro, it should be kept between 32 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit and in clear water. It can also be stored without refrigeration or plastic bags. It is possible to store it in a countertop jar, much like you would basil. A glass jar with water will also keep cilantro fresh for a couple of weeks.

Another way to store cilantro is to chop it finely and freeze it. This will keep it crisp and flavorful. Alternatively, you can place chopped cilantro into an ice cube tray and pour some oil or water over it. You can then transfer the cubes into an airtight container or zip-top freezer bag. The leaves will keep in the freezer for a while, but they won’t look as fresh as they would if they were still attached to the stems.

Storing Cilantro:

Another way to store cilantro is by drying it. A salad spinner is a handy tool to use for this purpose. Once dry, remove any bad leaves from the stems. You can also cut off the bottom of the stem, which will increase the amount of water absorbed by the herb and keep it fresh for longer. You can also store cilantro in a jar with three inches of water. This will prevent wilting or rotting of the leaves.

Another way to store cilantro is by cutting the leaves finely or coarsely. If you store the leaves in a plastic bag, they will keep fresh for about a week. But if you want to keep it for a longer time, store it in a mason jar. This way, you can chop and use the leaves as you need them.

Place in container:

Another way to store cilantro is to place it in a jar or glass. You can place this container in the refrigerator and keep it fresh for about a month. It is also possible to preserve the leaves by putting them in an ice bath. You should wash cilantro several times and remove any grit from it. After rinsing, dry them by putting them on a paper towel and letting them dry. The stems should be separated from the leaves.

You can also freeze cilantro and use it whenever you need it. This method requires minimal preparation, but can store cilantro for up to a month. Besides storing cilantro in jars, it can also be frozen in ice cube trays. You can use it in fresh salsas and soups.

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