How to Store Cilantro?

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How to Store Cilantro

How to Store Cilantro

If you like to cook with cilantro frequently, you may wonder how to store cilantro. Luckily, you can use this herb in many dishes. One way to store cilantro is to freeze it in ice trays. You can use the frozen cilantro as an ingredient or as a garnish. Before freezing the cilantro, make sure it’s completely dry. You can also blanch it and store it in a freezer bag for future use.

Cilantro freezes well. It keeps the flavor of the herb for a long time when it’s frozen. You can either freeze it whole, or simply chop the leaves finely. Once the leaves are frozen, you can put them in an ice cube trays or freezer bags. Once frozen, the cilantro cubes will keep for two months or more.

Fresh Cilantro:

To keep cilantro fresh, you must choose leaves with bright green color. The stems should not be bruised or limp. It is also important to wash the leaves before cooking. If you don’t plan to use them immediately, keep them in a plastic bag in a refrigerator. The leaves can last up to a year in a plastic bag. If you don’t use cilantro regularly, you can make a big batch at once and then store it for later use.

Before using cilantro, wash the leaves thoroughly. Washing cilantro thoroughly with cool water will help you keep it fresh. Make sure to drain the excess water and dry the leaves thoroughly. Excess water can cause ice crystals, which are bad for your cilantro. To dry the leaves completely, you can use a salad spinner or use a coffee grinder. You can also air dry the leaves in a baking tray.

Once you’ve cut the leaves into small pieces, you can store them in the refrigerator. If you want to store them for a longer period of time, you can place them in a plastic jar with water. Adding a rubber band will keep the plastic bag in place. You can keep cilantro in the fridge for up to two weeks in this way. You can also freeze cilantro.

Store Cilantro:

Before you store cilantro, make sure to thoroughly clean them. Using clean water will help extend the shelf life and preserve the shape and taste of the leaves. Before drying, make sure to remove all of the stems and clean them well. You can also use paper towels to dry the cilantro. Be sure to cut the leaves away from the stems so that you can remove them easily.

Once dried, cilantro can be stored in the fridge for two weeks to three weeks. If stored correctly, cilantro will last longer than three weeks.

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