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Choosing Companion Plants For Cucumbers

Marjorie Alexander

Choosing Companion Plants For Cucumbers
Plants to choose as Companion for Cucumber

Choosing Companion Plants For Cucumbers

If you are growing cucumbers and want to add extra harvests, companion plants are the best way to go. But they must get along. There are many considerations to consider to make sure the two plants will grow together in harmony. The main plant should get enough sunlight, while the companion plant should not be competing with it.

How to choose a companion for Cucumber : 

First, cucumbers need lots of space. They also like warm weather. So, when you choose companion plants, consider those that can tolerate the same climate. Also, keep in mind that cucumber plants need a good deal of nitrogen. You should choose companion plants that do not demand high amounts of nitrogen, but that will still provide the nutrients needed by the cucumber plants. You should also consider beneficial predators for cucumbers, which help control pests.

Nasturtiums as a good companion to cucumber: 

Another good plant to plant around cucumbers is a nasturtium. Nasturtiums act as a trap for pests, and they look pretty too. Nasturtiums prefer full sunlight, but they tolerate light shade. Their flowers are pretty and will improve the taste of your cucumbers as well.

Corn as partner to cucumber plant:

Another common companion plant for cucumbers is corn. Corn has strong upright stalks and acts as a trellis for young vegetables. It also fixes nitrogen in the soil, and it is ideal for maximizing your garden space. Corn also helps cucumbers by acting as mulch, retaining moisture, and suppressing weeds.

How to plant cucumber seeds:

When planting cucumber seeds, be sure to plant them at least an inch deep in the soil. If you have a warm climate, you may start seeing seedlings grow within a week or two. In cooler climates, it may take longer. Use a trellis for support and mulch around the seedlings to retain moisture.

Avoid planting cucumber with potatoes:

Cucumbers are often planted near potatoes, which will cause problems with pests. Potatoes also don’t grow well next to cucumbers, and they may even be affected by blight. Another important consideration when planting cucumbers with potatoes is avoiding aromatic herbs. The aromas from these plants will attract pests, and they may affect the taste of the cucumbers as well.

Choosing Companion Plants For Cucumbers
companion plant for cucumber

Beneficial Companions for Cucumber plant:

Other helpful companion plants for cucumbers include onions and carrots, which will deter cucumber pests. Marigold flowers can also repel cucumber beetles and aphids. Borage is another great choice because it also has similar growing conditions. Borage is rich in nutrients and repels insects. It will also keep cucumbers shaded during hot weather.

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