About us

AnotherGallagher is a blog that’s main goal is to provide gardening tips, articles, and tutorials for gardens. I began my blog in late 2022 with the hope of widening my gardening knowledge and to see if I could do some good back in nature. This year I have been focusing on creating content that will share practical and useful information.

AnotherGallagher is a gardening blog that provides articles about gardening tips, gardening ideas, plant care and more. AnotherGallagher has been online since 2022, created by a former gardener. There are over 100 articles today and growing!

Our blog was started as a hobby, but soon gained attention and we started to get quite a few readers. Our target audience is those who love gardening but either don’t have the time or just don’t know how to start. We also cover topics related to gardening and house improvements. Our aim is to help you make your garden more beautiful while making the process enjoyable.

Another Gallagher is a garden blog where our main target audience are gardeners in general. With more than one years of online experience, we have been providing practical grounds and gardening tips for any level gardener.

We are a blog that provides articles about all aspects of gardening, from landscaping to planting to taking care of your plants, as well as news about new product releases for all garden enthusiasts worldwide.

Another Gallagher is run by experienced gardeners who understand the planning, design, and management gaps in growing a beautiful landscape.

We believe that self-care requires creativity and balance in all areas of life. Let’s start with how we take care of our gardens!