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Things You Should Do For Deep Spring Cleaning

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Spring cleaning is a popular practice for cleaning the home thoroughly during the springtime. It is like an annual heavy-duty cleaning and organizing everything properly again for the next one year time. It is generally done during the end of the year and the beginning of a new year as those are the days when people get holidays from their jobs. The following is the list of things you should do for deep cleaning during this Spring and freshen up your home.

Step 1 –Large Appliances

The large appliances like refrigerator, oven, washing machine and dishwater are never cleaned but used thoroughly. Cleaning these appliances does not mean cleaning from inside but also from outside. Pull out all the interior shelves and removable interior parts for proper cleaning.

spring cleaning Large AppliancesIt is better to wash them with warm soapy water rather than chemical detergents. Otherwise, there are chances of food poisoning. For the outer surface, there are cleaning sprays available which you have to clean and wipe with soft clothes to make these appliances new again.

Step 2 – Furniture Items

Every though most of the people clean the furniture items occasionally from time to time, but there are many furniture items that are overlooked. For example, the bed, the bookshelves, the outdoor furniture pieces, working tables, and others need a thorough cleaning. Besides, if the color or shine has faded, there are many materials available which you can apply to make them look brand new again.

spring cleaning Furniture Items

Step 3 – Glasses, Windows, Doors

Glasses are the easy items to clean with soapy water and sponge. The glasses are not just on your windows but also that of tables and mirrors. Besides, doors are also quite easy to clean depending on the material and the designs.

spring cleaning Glasses, Windows, DoorsIf there are complicated designs, you should get rid of the dust before wet cleaning. When it comes to the windows, you should wash the grills thoroughly in you have them as they accumulate stubborn dust and dirt. Besides, you should not ignore the frames of the doors and windows.

Step 4 – Floors and Walls

Most of the visible floor areas are cleaned regularly. Therefore, for deep and thorough cleaning, you have to move the furniture items as well as bed and appliances. It is better to use floor cleaning detergents or soapy water for deep cleaning. Similarly, you need to wash the painted walls.

spring cleaning Floors and Walls


If the paint is water-protected, go for soapy water and sponge combination. Otherwise, go for dry cleaning to remove the dust and dirt. Wash the walls before floor and if the floor has carpet, clean them thoroughly.

Step 5 – Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen is the most congested and covered room while the bathroom is the most neglected one. Starting with the bathroom, you most likely clean the floor of the bathroom regularly. However, you ignore the tiled walls which need special tile washing material for cleaning.

spring cleaning Kitchen and Bathroom

You should use disinfectant as much as you can wherever possible.  As far as the kitchen goes, take out all the items from cabinets and shelves and place them outside. This will allow you to clean the cabinets and shelves thoroughly with the vacuum cleaner. You should also do wet cleaning with disinfectant.

Lastly, when all are done, you should clean your bed mattress, sofa foams and cover, your dresses and all those wearable things that you do not clean regularly. Besides, the small appliances should not be ignored, and all the showpieces need manual dry cleaning. All in all, the spring cleaning should make your home as clean as a newly furnished home.

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